Are my mutual fund investment details safe on CAMS?

CAMS is a Sebi registered RTA specializing in servicing of Mutual fund investors.

CAMS functions as the custodian of investor data, apart from providing transaction processing and customer care services.

CAMS has an evolved technology platform, enterprise applications and delivers best in class investor services. CAMS is an ISO 27001 certified company assuring information security and data confidentiality. The systems and processes are subject to periodical audits by Sebi, trustee boards and CAMS.

As mutual fund investments are long term in nature, technology platforms, system, business processes and controls are designed to project the interest of investors including special processes for managing dormant investor accounts, minor accounts and transmission of investments.

CAMS also offers assurance services to investors whereby an investor, upon authentication, can seek his statement t of account from any of its branches.

An investor can also seek statements of account via registered email anytime, Transaction alerts, services request alerts and confirmation of fulfillment are sent via SMS and emails to investors wo have registered their email IDs and mobile phone numbers with CAMS.

NK Prasad – President and CEO of CAMS – Answering a question in Outlook Money (August 2015 edition) – 100 Answers that will change your financial life

Outlook Money_Aug _2015_Pg 82_(Cc 50)_WHY WHAT HOWOutlook Money_Aug _2015_Pg Cover Page_(Cc 100)_100 Anwers That Will Change Your Financial Life


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