How safe are your Internet Access and Credentials?

In this digital era, electronic gadgets and internet have made the buying and selling of items hassle free at any time and from any place. There is a steady rise in number of online transactions and young India prefers online mode over offline mode of transactions. We can hear you say ; We are Young Indians, clued on to Instant Gratification..we cannot wait anymore..

While the internet revolution has made life easy, it has also exposed us to hassles of e mail phishing or internet scams. I often come across e-mails claiming that I have won of huge amount of money or giving mind boggling discounts on expensive items. Albeit there is sudden adrenaline rush reading the heading but then I realize it is again one of those malevolent mails wanting to get my banking credentials and use it to lift the money from the respective accounts.

India ranks number one e scams sucker’s list in 2014 and number of consumer complaints about e scams are increasing.

So, what should we do and how do we avoid becoming the victims of these e mail or internet scams?

Following Do’s and Don’ts  can help to  make your account safe .


  • ALWAYS keep in mind to clear the cache as the browser may store your susceptible information.
  • ALWAYS log off and shut your browser after using Internet.
  • ALWAYS type in the web addresses (URL) to access the required website.
  • ALWAYS ensure that the beginning of your internet address will change from ‘http’ to ‘https’. https – signifies secure site.
  • At all times remember to change your password from a secure terminal after you use an open terminal.
  • Forever change your passwords periodically. Never take a chance- this shall become your Mantra of safety
  • ALWAYS keep your computer free of viruses and malwares .


  • AVOID using defenseless computers at browsing centre for Internet transactions / banking / investments etc.
  • DO NOT access your bank account through links in e-mails which mostly proves very susceptible.
  • Never select the option on the browser that stores or retains user name and password. There is no boon like this for the information stealers.. most of us do it for convenience but this is the greatest threat…
  • For haven sake do not reveal your passwords or card details to any person.
  • DO NOT respond to any communication seeking your passwords.

Technology in the hands of businessmen

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