Fund investing in Digital age – NK Prasad CEO of CAMS in Mutual Funds Insight

CAMS has taken many initiatives to make mutual fund investing simple in the digital age.

N K Prasad

The digital mega trend has been impacting businesses profoundly and more so the category of financial services. Ubiquitous high speed connectivity, computing power in smart phones, instant information and cheap unlimited storage are providing new opportunities of serving customers. GOI’s vision of digital India and proactive regulatory reforms too support engaging with investors and facilitating transactions / services via digital channels. Especially in the context of Mutual Funds which are facing multiple challenges of acquiring new customers, servicing relatively small ticket investments, small bps linked fee on Assets under management, “digital” mega trend is a potential game changer.

The big benefits of going digital for MF industry are expanding reach; transforming customer experience by delivering on demand, unlimited services at zero cost; scalability; huge cost efficiency and ability to serve small investors. Affordable smart phones and high bandwidth access will benefit the industry in reaching large number of new investors without investments in expensive branch and service network. MF industry needs to embrace ‘digital” to connect with digital natives and the future generation of investors. “Digital” also holds potential for inclusive growth and channelling household savings to productive investments.

Following are some of the key investor servicing digital initiatives implemented by CAMS.


With myCAMS, the Smartphone app for Android and iOS devices, transacting and managing information is now faster, easier and smarter for mutual fund investors.  A unified gateway for multiple funds.

Some of its features are

  • Access to multiple funds with one PIN
  • One view of for all CAMS serviced Funds at Fund and  scheme level
  • Invest, Switch &Redeem ( with OTP)option
  • Set up SIP/SWP/STP
  • New Folio Creation where KYC is already verified
  • Common One Time Mandate
  • Submit query/register complaint to CAMS Customer Care Center
  • Also available as micro site in

CAMS Slate

CAMS Slate the tablet / smart phone solution is an “on the go” official point of transaction ideal for AMC market representatives, relationship managers and distributors to carry out Mutual fund transactions  from the comfort of the investor’s home or office. Distributors can avail the 3pm cut off more effectively without having to rush to service centers / branches to time stamp

Some of its features are

  • CRM – Customer portfolio, profile details
  • New investors on-boarding – Image capture, KYC completion
  • Purchase, Redemption and Switch
  • Minimal data entry
  • Instant time-stamping at server end
  • Instant transaction submission confirmation to investor
  • Suitable for 2G / 3G / Wi Fi

CAMS Investor mailback services

Investors may use CAMS Mailback Services to receive the following statements at their registered email id. A request to receive these may be made at the “Investor Services” page at website .

  • Consolidated ActiveStatement
  • Consolidated Account Statement – CAMS
  • Consolidated Account Statement – CAMS + Karvy + FTAMIL + SBFS
  • Consolidated Portfolio Valuation Statement
  • Consolidated Realised Gains Statement
  • Consolidated Transaction Details Statement – in excel format
  • Single Folio Account Statement

Investors have options of choosing the period for several of the statements and receive the statements duly encrypted, password protected and in secure manner to their registered e-mail ID. All these services are available at zero cost to investor. 

While CAMS continues on its journey of investments in agile technology and infrastructure to accelerate the “digital” trend, the Asset management companies, distribution community should catalyze the digitization imperative for the collective benefit and growth of the Industry.

N.K.Prasad is the President & CEO, CAMS ( Computer Age Management Services Private Limited)

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