Scale & Specialization drives CAMS services to Mutual Fund industry

Scale & Specialization drives CAMS services to Mutual Fund industry

Over the last 2 decades, CAMS has revolutionized the Mutual Fund operations in India delivering the twin benefitsof outsourcing -specialization and cost efficiency

  • 70% decrease in cost per transaction — using scale, standardization and technology led process improvements and innovation
  • Operations outsourcing has allowed our Mutual Funds clients to grow with lean operations and focus on product design, sales and fund management
  • Specializing in investor services, CAMS delivers International service standards at Indian cost


CAMS has evolved as  India’s largest Mutual Fund Service Partner remaining focused on core service of  Transactions Processing & Record Management while expanding value added services in  Out-reach , Technology, Customer Care, Business Intelligence, Regulatory Support.


CAMS’ expertise in Transaction Processing and Settlement services has helped clients maximize their business efficiency. Our ERP like platform is mature, versatile and supports the complete value chain of operational activities for capital market players namely Mutual Funds and Private Equity Funds and Alternate Investment Funds. With an in-house solution designing and development team the platform is customizable to client/business specific needs.

Businessman Hand Working With New Modern Computer And Business S

Order acceptance for over 3000+ products is facilitated through electronic interfaces with multiple order origination points such as wealth management platforms, stock exchange, independent advisor platforms, websites and digitized paper orders. Buy orders execution includes sighting credit, systematic orders through debit mandates processing and reinvestment orders, each systemically checked against a myriad of product feature customizations and regulatory conditions. Sell orders go through similar filters of product feature conditions, tax related, low and high value classifications, with the latter verified by multiple level checks and balances.



Pay-in/Pay-out settlements are handled via multiple modes with investors and manufacturers, supporting complex business practices. CAMS engages directly with banks/payment intermediaries to continually improve settlement modalities, e.g., banks stations have been provided for direct upload of investor payouts. The platform has built in capabilities such as “pay once only”.

Reconciliation Services

Reconciliation services are offered as an integrated service to transaction processing and settlements. CAMS accesses banks statement of manufacturers, reverse feeds received from banks, gross feeds from intermediaries, feeds from payment aggregators for online and systematic transactions(post-dated cheques, debit mandates, direct debit) to provide a three-way reconciliation of manufacturer bank accounts, general ledgers and buy/sell registers.

With rigorous quality monitoring and reporting practices in place, process refinements through technology led continuous improvement and innovation, CAMS achieves above 5 sigma levels in transaction processing and settlement services. Data Management Services

Record Keeping and data management


In its role as Registrar and Transfer Agency (RTA) to Mutual Funds, CAMS has a regulatory obligation to maintain customer account and transaction data for perpetuity. CAMS data repository and technology infrastructure provides high availability and access to 3,000+ concurrent users of 49 million accounts, 230 million+ transaction records, 17 TB image data and 8 TB of character data evidencing maturity in data access, storage, processes, scalability and infrastructure reliability.

… be continued


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