More than 3 lakh investors have found a smarter, faster way to transact in Mutual Funds. Have you?

 The award winning app from CAMS – myCAMS is now the trusted investing tool for more than 3 lakh Mutual Fund investors who do smarter, faster mutual fund investing.

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myCAMS brings a world of digital convenience to Mutual Fund Investing. myCAMS serves as an ‘Anytime Anywhere solution’, available on smart phones, tablets and desktops. It is a single gateway to transact across multiple mutual funds, that are serviced by CAMS.

4 Reasons why investors should use myCAMS

  • Anytime, Anywhere Convenience: Your time is utilized better to monitor your investments
  • Single gateway across CAMS serviced mutual funds.
  • Paperless Mutual Fund Transactions: Do away with mundane forms, cheques and transaction slips. Purchase, Redemption or Switch can be done in a jiffy!
  • Distributor- Investor relationship is protected, as the app captures distributor code for transactions.

Key Features:

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New to CAMS serviced Funds? Creating a new folio is now an easy process even if you are a new investor to CAMS serviced funds. All you need is your KYC verification and you can open a new folio through myCAMS!

Existing Investor in CAMS serviced Funds? It’s a breeze to register and transact across participating funds, view portfolio and more

OTM: Register for common One Time Mandate and do away with net banking, mandate forms

Systematic Transactions (SIP/STP/SWP): Set up systematic investments, view SIPs

FATCA & Supplementary KYC: Not yet updated your FATCA and supplementary KYC? Anytime you do an additional purchase, switch, SIP or STP, you can update your details with myCAMS.

myCAMSKnow more about how myCAMS can bring a world of convenience to your business and your investors: email . Also available on



CAMS (Computer Age Management Services) is India’s premier Mutual Fund Transfer Agency serving over 60% of assets of the industry across 15 Mutual Funds. Leveraging superior technology, CAMS brings several innovative services to Mutual Fund investors and distributors. Besides Mutual Funds, CAMS is a service partner to leading Insurance companies, Banks, NBFCs and Alternate Investment Funds.

CAMS has a variety of information available in its website and also share excellent inputs on Investments and Savings in our Facebook Page. Like us on



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