Weekly Roundup – January 9


CAMS brings you a weekly glimpse into the key news in the BFSI sector, both in India and abroad. Regulatory updates or important news, here are some which might have had an impact on the sector…


IRDAI has proposed to put a cap on commission structure of life insurance agents by keeping such pay-outs within the expense ratio

National Savings Certificate, which had a term of 10 years has been discontinued by the Ministry of Finance. However, the five-year NSCs still remain in continuation.


Sebi plans steps to reduce mutual fund’s exposure in corporate bonds to safeguard investors interest…


In a move to address the country’s agricultural sector, India will launch its first major crop damage insurance scheme for farmers in the fiscal year starting April 1.


The Finance ministry has announced a second tranche issue of sovereign gold bonds by banks. The first tranche of gold bond scheme was launched in November


To bring down the number of illiquid stocks, SEBI has relaxed the norms for small companies with thinly traded shares to delist from the stock exchanges.

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