Demystifying the KYC process

The evolving role of Identity documents

Your Aadhaar card, Voter’s ID and PAN card, have more in common besides serving as proofs of identity. Carrying these documents on you every day is becoming a necessity; for these documents are attaining an indispensable status in everyday dealings: be it payment of bills, purchase of vehicles, Mutual Fund investments or registration procedures.

Not producing one or more of these documents when asked for, could lead to substantial process delays or even cancellations. Having these documents in an accessible, electronic form could come in handy in such situations.

The Digital India Campaign


The Government of India had launched the ambitious Digital India Campaign nearly a year ago, to empower Indian citizens with easy access to due benefits and welfare schemes.

The Digital Locker Services, launched as a part of the campaign, seeks to encourage digital storage of important documents such as PAN Card, passport, Insurance documents and other Investment papers in their de-materialized form, safeguarded by an Aadhaar based authentication system.

Also, there are private players, providing similar services, that allow sharing and/or transfer of important documents in their e-forms. A prospective investor could leverage the combined advantages of digital locker services and eKYC procedures for a smart and convenient way of setting up an investment.

Aadhaar in KYC

Aadhaar card as an identity proof document is integral to the KYC process that investors are required to undergo.

As mandated by SEBI guidelines, financial institutions and financial intermediaries are required to familiarize themselves with customers and have them apprised to overrule possibilities of suspicious transactions and money laundering activities.

A first-time investor, investing in Mutual Funds is required to comply with KYC norms, irrespective of the amount of investment. A one-time process, it is mandatory to complete the KYC procedure through a SEBI registered intermediary like CAMS.

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The CAMS eKYC process

CAMS eKYC is a paperless Aadhaar-based process for fulfilling KYC requirements to start investing in Mutual Funds. SEBI has recently allowed Aadhaar-based eKYC to be used for MF investments, for the convenience of investors. CAMS, always a pioneer in leveraging technology and processes for improved process excellence, was quick to launch the CAMS eKYC process, where paper work is completely eliminated.

CAMS eKYC is an excellent option for the smart investor, for there is no need to submit and verify follow-up documents and the long drawn in-person verification procedure is completely eliminated, saving a great deal of time and effort. Aadhaar-based authentication is all that is required.

The OTP verification based CAMS eKYC is a simple, hassle-free process.


The user, on completing of the CAMS eKYC procedure, is entitled to transact instantly.

The Aadhaar based CAMS eKYC process has rendered investment processes easy and accessible for urban, semi-urban and rural investors alike, thus creating empowered investors across the country.

Click here to complete the CAMS eKYC process and start investing now!

About CAMS:

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Computer Age Management Services (CAMS) is India’s premier Mutual Fund Transfer Agency serving over 60% of assets of the industry across 15 Mutual Funds. Leveraging superior technology, CAMS brings several innovative services to Mutual Fund investors and distributors. CAMS is also a service partner to leading insurance companies, banks, NBFC’s and alternate investment funds. To know more visit


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