Valediction Ceremony held for CAMS sponsored Skill Development Programme at Kattur


CAMS in association with Rotary Club of Madras South (RCMS) and the noted NGO ‘Hand in Hand’, had sponsored a Skill Development Programme for Women and Youth on ‘Smart Phone Servicing’, as a part of the ‘Happy Village’ project at Kattur Village, located about 40 kilometers away from the City of Chennai.

The well-structured Vocational Training Programme was launched to provide hands-on training to the participants on the various technical nuances on servicing smart phones. The culmination of the course was marked by the Valedictory and Certificate distribution function held on 20th July 2016, in the Community Learning Centre in Kattur Village.

Mr. N. K. Prasad, President and CEO, CAMS and Mr. P. B. Vijayaraghavan, Officer on Special Duty, CAMS, were among the other dignitaries who were present at the occasion. Mr. Prasad awarded Certificates to the participants who had successfully completed the programme.


With the gadgets evolving into ubiquitous components tethered to everyday life, the training programme has rendered itself as one of high significance for gaining economic self-sufficiency, opening up new opportunities for a stable livelihood.

The Community Learning Centre, constructed by the RCMS at Kattur, hosts numerous programmes on vocational training and skill development, on a regular basis. Committed to empower the rural dwellers with practical occupational skills, CAMS has been supporting these projects through CSR initiatives on a continual basis since 2015.

CAMS, as an organization, believes in giving back to the society and has rolled out several initiatives on the lines of Corporate Social Responsibility, working closely with several well-known NGOs and Social Welfare Organizations that serve genuinely and work for the betterment of the society at large.

About CAMS:

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