The Power of ONE : CAMS Common One Time Mandate


The investment discipline that escorts Systematic Investment Plans or SIPs, as elaborated in the preceding blog post, mandates the need to invest a specific sum of money at regular intervals in the SIP.

Many banks now facilitate setting up of a ‘debit mandate’ which relieves the investor, who is also the account holder from initiating/authorising every time a routine transfer is made from the bank account to the SIP(s). Debit mandate is essentially an authorization for payments to be collected from a customer (the account holder and authorizer) in the future and/or fund transfers to be remitted to investment plans such as SIPs.

Debit mandate, however, brings along with it a hurdle: the need to provide a separate mandate for each SIP leading to further form-filling , paperwork and other formalities at the bank of operations which often takes several days. Consequently, there is a delay in the commencement of a new SIP.

CAMS Common One Time Mandate

In this digital age, nobody wants to expend time doing mundane form-filling routines; more so, when the form-filling procedure has to be done over and over again.

Committed to ideating and implementing new technology-enabled services and solutions that address investor pain points and enhance overall investing experience, CAMS had come up with the simply effective and hassle free ‘CAMS Common One Time Mandate‘ (OTM) –  to circumvent the routine of filling up separate mandate every time a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is started /renewed.

 Choose CAMS Common OTM, forget cumbersome form-filling routines

CAMS Common OTM is an enhanced, PAN based mandate that will be registered centrally at a PAN level rather than for a specific SIP with one Mutual Fund. In contrast to Debit Mandate, CAMS COTM being a common mandate, it will be available for transactions across all CAMS serviced Funds.

As the CAMS Common OTM is registered for “as and when presented” than for a SIP specific date, the mandate can be used for any number of SIPs, the mandate can be used not only for any number of SIPs, but also for lumpsum transactions across any Mutual Fund serviced by CAMS. Once the mandate is registered, the unique registration number is all that the investor needs to quote for making lumpsum transactions and new SIP registration.

With the enhanced PAN – based Common One Time Mandate from CAMS, investments can be done in any number of SIPs across all funds serviced by CAMS – with just one mandate. No more filling up separate mandate every time a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is started / renewed. Once the Common OTM is registered, starting/renewing SIP is a breeze just by quoting the unique common mandate registration number.

Advantages of deploying CAMS Common OTM facility

  1. One-time registration – eliminates paperwork and cuts down on process time associated with separate mandate registration for each SIP.
  2. Convenience to register new SIP/ renew SIP quickly – current model of mandate
    registration lag time (usually from 15 – 30 days ) is eliminated.
  3. Lump sum purchase transaction can be done with ease as Common OTM is not set up
    for a specific date. Debit instruction can be presented for any date, any number of
    transactions across any MF serviced by CAMS.
  4. Investment through any mode – Once the mandate is registered, transactions can be
    submitted through any mode, i.e. Physical paper /SMS/Website / Mobile app, simply
    selecting the CAMS Common OTM as the payment mode.
  5. Superior option to completing the payment than writing and banking of cheques or
    completing multi-step Net-banking than payment initiated by simply quoting the unique mandate registration number.

For more information on CAMS Common OTM, click here.

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