ICICI Prudential Life honours CAMSRep associate with TATVA award

The last few years have witnessed the insurance sector in India undergo a phase of robust growth, transforming the industry into a dynamic arena where the race is perpetually on, and the rules are constantly evolving.Tatva Award

CAMS Insurance Repository Services Ltd (CAMSRep), one of the first to offer services and solutions in the e-insurance domain in the country, has perfectly kept in pace with the changing trends by constantly reinventing and upgrading its workflow and process efficiency dynamics. A fully owned subsidiary of CAMS and a licensed insurance repository approved by the IRDAI, CAMSRep has been consistent in developing and delivering solutions and services that match client requirements and surpass end-consumer expectations. 

tatva-awardCAMSRep as a provider of outsourcing services to the biggest and most reputed insurance companies in India, delivers to its clientele the dual advantage of outsourcing viz. specialization in policy holder services and cost benefits. As a non-aligned entity with no conflict of interest with insurers or brokers/ agents, CAMSRep has no channel partners with conflicting businesses, warranting a high degree of data confidentiality. 

Recently, in acknowledgement of this commitment of the organization to deliver only the best in terms of service and process excellence, ICICI Prudential Life, one of India’s leading life insurance companies had conferred the the prestigious TATVA award upon Mr. V. Raja, Team Lead – Payout Processing, CAMS Insurance Repository Services Limited.

CAMSRep Tatrva Award

It is noteworthy that CAMSRep has been the recipient of many such awards in the past, including the likes of the prestigious Celent & Asia Insurance Technology Award (2015) in acknowledgement of its world class service excellence and technology leadership.

What sets CAMSRep apart from competition is that:

  • CAMSRep is a neutral entity without any conflict of interest with Insurers or Brokers/ Agents.
  • CAMSRep has no channel partners with conflicting businesses. Hence, confidentiality of customer data is guaranteed.
  • No CAMSRep service point is too far away. The organization has in place a unique service delivery model that has a foot print of more than 265 locations across India.
  • The electronic repository services offered by CAMSRep makes it convenient for policy holders to get service on demand anywhere.

CAMSRep : Empathy behind envisaging and implementing points of presence across the country

Keeping in mind that there are still large areas of the country where digital reach has not been realized, CAMSRep, through its centers in over 270 locations across India, acts as a point of presence for policy holders on behalf of insurance companies; these centers facilitate the processes of  e-insurance account services as per  policy owner service requests.

A solid service delivery model with a foot print of more than 265 locations across India, has ensured that no CAMSRep service point is too far, ever. Being one of the first to envision and launch Insurance Repositories, at CAMSRep, we understand the insurance business like no other, backed  by our deep expertise and vast experience.  For more information on our services, visit us at https://www.camsrepository.com

About CAMSRep


CAMS Insurance Repository Services Ltd (CAMSRep), a subsidiary ofCAMS, is one of the major Insurance Repositories in India Licensed by Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI). CAMSRep, as an Insurance Repository opens unique eInsurance Accounts (eIA) for policy holders,which in essence are convenient, safe and relatively risk-free electronic policies. CAMSRep also acts as a single point of service for all ePolicies held by a policy holder. Apart from repository services, CAMSRep also provides outsourcing services to multiple Insurance Companies in accordance with IRDAI regulations.


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