The benefits of eIA with CAMSRep

An e-IA account is like a Demat account which holds your Insurance Policies instead of Shares. You can hold all your Insurance Policies whether it’s Life, Motor or Health in this account.

You can view policy Status

You Can print the copy of the policy including proposal form, terms & conditions and benefit illustration

You Can get the annual statements in electronic form

You Can get the renewal premium due alerts by SMS and e Mails

You Can avail policy services from any of CAMS, CAMSRep Approved Person branches

No need of submission of KYC documents on purchase of further new policies.


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Are my mutual fund investment details safe on CAMS?

CAMS is a Sebi registered RTA specializing in servicing of Mutual fund investors.

CAMS functions as the custodian of investor data, apart from providing transaction processing and customer care services.

CAMS has an evolved technology platform, enterprise applications and delivers best in class investor services. CAMS is an ISO 27001 certified company assuring information security and data confidentiality. The systems and processes are subject to periodical audits by Sebi, trustee boards and CAMS.

As mutual fund investments are long term in nature, technology platforms, system, business processes and controls are designed to project the interest of investors including special processes for managing dormant investor accounts, minor accounts and transmission of investments.

CAMS also offers assurance services to investors whereby an investor, upon authentication, can seek his statement t of account from any of its branches.

An investor can also seek statements of account via registered email anytime, Transaction alerts, services request alerts and confirmation of fulfillment are sent via SMS and emails to investors wo have registered their email IDs and mobile phone numbers with CAMS.

NK Prasad – President and CEO of CAMS – Answering a question in Outlook Money (August 2015 edition) – 100 Answers that will change your financial life

Outlook Money_Aug _2015_Pg 82_(Cc 50)_WHY WHAT HOWOutlook Money_Aug _2015_Pg Cover Page_(Cc 100)_100 Anwers That Will Change Your Financial Life

Plan for your Future

The secret of multiplying your investment in geometric progression lies in planning early by setting realistic targets and goals. Once they are envisioned, we should aspire and perspire to attain our objective of exceeding those financial targets and goals. There will be a number of stages of challenge that we would encounter till the goal is reached. Every one of those challenges are important and we should not rest till our objectives are realized.

There are many who get confused between dreams and goals. The secret of becoming a successful investor lies in distinguishing between dreams and goals. Dreams are imaginary while goals are dreams that encapsulate objectives which are realistic and time bound. Goals are mostly measurable as well.

It is only when we set goals coupled with objectives it will motivate you towards attainment of the same. Goals can be classified as short, medium and long term.

As suggested earlier, planning early is the key to building a reasonable corpus.

If you are a young Investor, you can opt for systematic investment plan (SIP) via Mutual Funds. SIPs give tremendous flexibility for the Investor in terms of duration as well size of the investment. You can approach any of your Registrar and Transfer Agent (RTA), like CAMS for registration of your SIPs.

However, SIP in an equity fund should never become an option for pursuing short term financial goals. For meeting your long term goals like child’s education, marriage, retirement etc., investors can consider investing in SIPs of equity funds.

Now onto the most important financial goal that is neglected by the Investor is the creation of an emergency fund. The prerequisite for this fund is it should be liquid or easily en-casheable. While investing in short term Fixed deposit is a good option, investors can also explore the possibility of investing in liquid fund which will serve the same purpose but with comparatively higher returns if we take into account the post tax returns. CAMS as RTA serves many Mutual Funds which have Liquid / Cash funds that offer better returns than your Savings Bank.

We find most Investors often grapple with the problem of the size of the corpus to be accumulated. But this would be entirely need based. For example, planning to save for your child’s education, you have to take into account the course of stream your child want to pursue at what age and the current cost of it.

Now to extrapolate it to the kind of corpus you should accumulate, you have to take into account the inflation factor. Financial advisers estimate that the education cost is often 3-5 percentage points above the retail inflation rate and so if the current inflation rate is 6%, you can safely estimate the education cost at 10% p.a.

Now with this rate, you have to calculate approximately the total corpus that you would be requiring for your child’s education in a particular stream of interest with two or three options. A good equity MF scheme can fetch you fantastic returns beating the monster of inflation. So, what you are waiting for ? Just calculate how much money you need to invest in a monthly SIP to achieve your target corpus.

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Happy investing….

Path towards your financial goals!!

There are three variables that impact the total return investors receive from an investment: the amount saved, the return rate, and the amount of time invested.

Most investors spend a good amount of time and effort trying to increase all three. But what if we can’t do all three, if we’re inhibited by time, skill, knowledge, or ability (after all, many fund managers spend a lifetime trying to milk out an additional 1% return with limited success.)

If we could only focus on one of the factors to impact, which is the best option? What is the best way to achieve better returns?

The secret of building a huge investment corpus lies in investing early to maximize returns from compounding.

If you do not like Risks, then opt for traditional investment instruments like PPF, NPS, KVP, NSC etc., to build up a secure corpus.

Recurring deposit are also an ideal investment option for small saving Investors as they can get started their investment right away with a minimum contribution of Rs. 100/- per month.

The interest rate will however depend upon the monetary cycle. The tenure of investment is from a minimum of six months to a maximum of 120 months.

If an investor need to inculcate a regular savings habit, then Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs) are the best option. SIPs are suitable for investors who are risk averse and also looking for decent returns. CAMS as RTA handles a whole lot of Mutual Funds which offer wonderful very decent returns and CAMS takes pride in servicing such Asset Management Companies. To Know the list of AMCs serviced by CAMS, please visit
Once the basic investment targets are met, then an investor can look out for bolder avenues like investing in equities, commodity market, Gold ETFs, Mutual Funds with aggressive Equity profiles and and Real Estate.

But the returns on these investments can vary depending upon the performance of the market and therefore can be deemed as speculative. As always, please read the terms of offer carefully before investing in any instrument of your choice.

It is also desirable to maintain a contingency fund sufficient to meet one’s expenses for at least six months. Such contingency funds should be invested in a mode of investment instrument which is liquid as well as provide higher returns. Liquid funds seem to be the right option for such class of investments.

CAMS has a variety of information available in its website and also share excellent inputs on Investments and Savings in our Facebook Page. Like us on . To watch informative videos visit .

Happy investing….

Everybody have this desire to get rich rather quickly. But that needs a miracle and strikingly enough; it is possible through proper wealth creation efforts.

If you stick to your investment targets ingenuously, skillfully and discreetly, then you are at the door steps of success to realize what you plan and propose to achieve. Let us analyze and some basics:

Inculcate the spirit of saving right from when you are young

How many of us remember Sanchaika.. the good old savings schemes when we were children in our schools? Where is the habit gone now? The success of wealth creation hinges on investing from young. So, what are you waiting for?  Start applying right away to start SIP in Mutual Fund. Please bear in mind that the power of compounding fetches you miraculous RoI over long term. Therefore, postponing one’s investments/savings is not a wise thing to do and such     procrastination can only jeopardize your financial security.

Demonstrate Love – Insure your family

The best kind of health insurance is investing in a comprehensive policy which includes your near and dear ones, so that they can get the benefit of life / medical cover during times of crisis.

You are unique in your own way – Why should you impress others?

It is commonly seen that people in the 22-28 category have bloated egos which implore them to impress their colleagues / friends with their over spending. This might prove detrimental to ensuring their financial security. It’s your life “After All”. Let your friends flash with new gadgets and pay for the price of not starting to invest later, when they will be old…

Constant improvement should be your Mantra

Strive always to become the best in everything; be it is on saving, health or investments. The process of achieving your target by itself is a goal which ignites our expectations, motivation, and curiosity and stimulates one’s interest.

Be superbly focused

Always be focused on what you wish to achieve and have the necessary will to augment your expectations. In the same vein, you should also be alert to negative churnings too. So, the thumb rule is “you always tread with caution”.

To be continued in our next few blogs.

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Not all eggs in One Basket!!

Whether you are working or retired, your portfolio can maximum have 4 asset types – Equity, Bonds &  Savings instruments which give interest on them, Real Estate assets that you can own and Commodities. The need to have several asset classes is predicated on the simple principle of diversification. Let us look at these in detail…

Assuming you plan to accumulate a corpus of Rs. 3 Crores over a period of time. The first thing that you have to decide is the amount to be saved for every month and then the compounded annual return that investment has to earn. e.g if you just decide that the return on investment for one full year is to be in the region of just 5%, even RD in a bank would suffice.

But if you want a higher rate of return, then investing in Equity is the only viable option. Of course, there are risks associated with it, but in life, you need to take risks to achieve your ambitions and goals. The need for equity is the same whether you are a working individual or a retiree. If you are a working individual, you need higher return to save less and spend more. As a retiree, the higher return will help you meet your ever increasing cost of living haunted by the spectrum of inflation. We would recommend an investment into Equity through structured savings in SIPs of such Equity oriented Mutual Funds.

On the other hand investment in real estate is met with many imponderables. The problem of associating your investment in real estate is being purely speculation driven, lumpy and illiquid. Moreover, real estate market crashes are also an important factor to contend with especially considering the fluid global economic scenario. It will also be hard to ensure that your property is well maintained if you move to another City or Country.

Your portfolio of investment should be based on the employment portability. If you are vulnerable to transfers frequently, then it will be in the fitness of things if your portfolio is in financial assets. But,the scenario changes if you are a retiree or approaching retirement.

There are several ways to earn return on your investment. You can even generate monthly income from bank deposits and life time annuities. Similarly, renting or leasing out your land and building will also yield you higher returns in the form of rent and security deposit keeping pace with inflation. Also, investment in commodities will also yield high returns. But the traditional norm and practice is to invest only in Gold and not on other commodities such as copper, zinc or crude oil.

Most of the Indians are literally obsessed with Gold and accumulate it mostly in the form of ornaments. But the point here is that these ornaments neither have a higher resale value nor do they generate income and are just kept as idle asset in your house safe lockers. Investing in financial gold (ETFs or gold funds) is also an excellent option. This too could be part of your portfolio.

But, during a financial crisis or unexpected extreme events and acts of god like situations of famine, drought, collapse of economy, any amount of our best investment plans can fail and mostly all asset classes typically crash. So, it is better for us to be aware of the need of diversification which will provide higher returns and various degrees of safely. Do not put all your eggs in one basket is what we would love to tell you…

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Investing is Easier!!

Do not worry…Learning to invest is easier than you think it is… You will not be learning swimming in Cold December month..

Few suggestions that could help you to shed the fear on investing…

  1. Nothing comes before you chose where you intend to invest in. Yes, planning comes in first and you have a variety of advisors who can advise you on your financial planning. Get it straight, any travel can begin, only when the destination is finalized.
  2. While there is lot of information available in the public domain, nothing like getting sound financial advice. There are AMFI registered intermediaries who can assist you on which fund, what kind of funds will suit your risk profile. Please look up AMFI Site to locate a distributor near you. CAMS is the Registrar being vested with the responsibility of Issuing these ARN numbers to distributors.
  3. Do you know that funds insist to know you well before you commence a relationship with them? Yes, this is called Know Your Customer (KYC) process. This is a rule to comply with the Anti Money Laundering regulations by government of India. You will necessarily have to get KYC done for you before you could invest in Indian Mutual Funds. CAMS KRA is one of the SEBI regulated KYC registration agency.. Just look the website to learn more.
  4. Should you not know the specifics of the scheme that your financial advisor suggests you to invest in? Yes… Please take a look at the Scheme Information document (SID) to learn the fundamental attributes of the investments you are making. It would basically give you insights on the asset class, past performance, fees chargeable and you could verify if this will suit your investment objective or not.
  5. Well… you are almost ready now to invest.. You could go through your advisor to start investing to begin with. You have the flexibility and convenience of setting up Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs) for a monthly debit from your bank account and allow units to get accumulated in your folio.

To learn more on these important steps, watch our Investor Education Videos