Mutual funds AuM reach record highs for the first time in the last seven years.

Mutual Fund SIP

Mutual fund assets in India have recorded the highest growth since December 2009, thanks to the furor created by demonetization, RBI’s decision to maintain status quo on key rates in its policy review and hike in Fed rate.

The key logic behind this noted increase in investment activity is that short-term debt schemes are relatively firm investment options than long-term debt schemes, in times of unpredictability. Indian investors who display a knack for “opportunistic buying” during times of tumult in the market situation, appear to have made the most of the circumstances, taking advantage of the decline in prices.

Demonetisation, for its part, has impacted and boosted cash inflows into banks, which in turn have mobilized the same into investment avenues including the mutual funds.

Based on retail investment activity, most of the investment inflows into mutual funds seem to have come via the Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs) route. AMC sources have confirmed that average monthly retail investments had risen as high as Rs. 4,000 Crore per month in 2016. This corresponded to an increase in AMC assets by a solid 30%.

Mutual funds AuM to hit record highs in the near future

There has also been a notable increase in retail investment activity from B15 regions in the country. According to information furnished by AMFI, around 4.7 million investors have been recorded to have forayed into mutual fund investing between December 2015 and September 2016 alone.

The last few days have been abuzz with prospects for further increase in investment activity. Thanks to extensive investor awareness programmes that have been hosted all over the country, the earning population in the country are gradually turning to investing in investment avenues such as mutual funds. With the dawn of this realization, experts have predicted that mutual funds AuM would reach the much-anticipated Rs. 20 Crore mark quite sooner than expected.

CAMS – adding value to mutual fund operations in times of robust business

As the country’s premier RTA, Computer Age Management Services (CAMS) provides multifaceted services to AMCs, keeping pace with massive volumes of transactions.  The company continuously improves its IT infrastructure, while meeting the growing demands of its client AMCS, with innovative technology enabled service designs that deliver speed, standardization, transparency, regulatory compliance, data confidentiality and cost efficiency. In Mutual Fund services , CAMS handles approximately 130 Million transactions per annum with near zero failures.

CAMS eKYC and myCAMS are other key initiatives that have greatly reduced time and effort to be invested in KYC and mutual fund investment processes.

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