CAMS Business Intelligence presented at the MicroStrategy Summit

Technology and Business Intelligence have become integral to enabling growth in major industrial sectors in the country and the Indian Mutual Fund industry is no exception. Keeping In line with the rising interest in BI, US-based leading analytics technology platform MicroStrategy, recently organised an international MicroStrategy Symposia Series. The Symposia spread across the globe, served as a forum for experts to share industry insights and best practices.  Anuj Kumar – Chief Operating Officer, Asset Management Services, CAMS and N. Ramakrishnan – Chief Information Officer, CAMS represented the organisation and delivered the keynote address at the Bangalore edition of the symposia series. The event was attended by the crème de la crème of the Information Technology and Business Intelligence industry, including Michael J Saylor, CEO MicroStrategy.

BI services for the MF industry

Computer Age Management Services (CAMS), as a pioneering organization in technology based Mutual Fund investor & intermediary services space in India, had the scientific insight to envisage the business advantage of leveraging data trends in the Mutual Fund industry, early on.

Focused on building several layers of value over and above the core RTA service to bring about a unique value delivery model, CAMS instituted Business Intelligence services derived via Aggregated Data Repository, that compute and interpret valuable industry insights.

MFDEx CAMS data bureau services

MFDEx CAMS data bureau services, which tracks about 92 per cent of the MF industry, has been providing seamless services availed not only by CAMS serviced funds but also those served by competitors, setting new benchmarks for BI services in the MF industry.

Technically, MFDEx is the most comprehensive Data Bureau service designed to present rich, accurate Mutual Fund data in an intelligent structure using multi-dimensional parameterisation.

CAMS deploys MicroStrategy for BI services owing to the former’s good mobile capability and strong mobility strategy, transaction write back facility, outstanding visualization capability and good, flexible partner network.


Powered by MFDEx and MicroStrategy, CAMS has moved on to provide ‘CAMSsmart’ a customised BI service that transforms raw data into actionable insights. Some of the services provided by CAMSsmart include:

    • Business performance tracking
    • Sales Team performance monitoring, reporting, benchmarking
    • Incentive administration
    • Predictive Analytics; What-if scenarios
    • Sales forecasting


mfCRM+ fundamentally a powerful mobility solution combining the power of CRM and Analytics, is yet another innovation from CAMS’ BI services suite. It has been implemented with 450+ users with a large AMC and soon to go-live with 2 mid-sized AMCs.

What next – the road ahead

With flourishing prospects for the MF industry, CAMS is now working towards next-gen BI services that are focused on cutting-edge technology offerings that are to benefit distributors, sales and selling strategies.


CAMS CIO speaks on how CAMS leverages Superior Technology to attain Service Excellence


Strategic innovation and sustained performance delivery are aspects that have set apart winners from the rest. When it comes to organizations, technology-driven innovation fuels higher operational efficiencies, which in turn serve to effect better performance proficiencies and achieve overall service excellence.

Computer Age Management Services (CAMS) is India’s premier Mutual Fund Transfer Agency serving over 62% of assets of the industry across 16 Mutual Funds, which essentially converts to handling a great deal of public information.

With evolving industry dynamics and requirements from regulators and investors, many leading firms continue to entrust and outsource strategic operational activities to CAMS, and the latter unrelentingly delivers superior value services and solutions, thanks to its efficiencies in terms of scale, technology and process innovations.

Deeply mindful of its role as a custodian of information, CAMS is sensitized to the requirements of data security, and strongly believes in managing and keeping IT in-house and not outsourced. CAMS has consistently added value to its client firms through multiple product/process innovations, built in-house.

In an interview with ET CIO, Mr. N Ramakrishnan, Chief Information Officer, CAMS has elaborated on the organization is leveraging technology right from mobile app to analytics to deliver value to clients and a superlative user experience for investors.

Mr. N. Ramakrishnan
Mr. N. Ramakrishnan CIO, CAMS Pvt Ltd

Excerpts from the ET CIO Story –

How CAMS is leveraging IT

“As an RTA (Registrar Transfer Agent) house, we hold nearly 62% of the mutual fund market data with us. Basically, this is public information and we don’t claim ownership but are effective custodians of our client database, so we have huge responsibilities.

Throughout our 26 years’ existence, we are backed by IT enablement service providers and people. Technology is the second biggest spend next to people and annually we do make local investments in new technology, which is our strong forte. As we speak at this point in time, we are working on digital transformation and digital dedicated strategy, because we don’t want to be left behind.

With huge data volumes, we are the only RTA that has achieved 92% of industry led data aggregation.

We are having our own data centers and in-house staff for application development and infrastructure management. This power of having everything in-house gives us tremendous flexibility and agility in terms of responding to our customer request and ensuring that product turnaround time is greatly minimized, gives greater convenience to our customer and so we would like to retain this edge.

We provide an online real-time exclusive BI service via micro strategy backed by an RTA BI reporting tool, so sales person will know the exact details of sales targets and every regional manager (RM) will able to create a monthly summary report. The regional sales head will be able to access and see how each RM has performed by drilling to each transaction level based on the individual AMC sales hierarchy through our CAMS Smart BI application.”

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Computer Age Management Services (CAMS) is India’s premier Mutual Fund Transfer Agency serving over 62% of assets of the industry across 16 Mutual Funds. Leveraging superior technology, CAMS brings several innovative services to Mutual Fund investors and distributors. CAMS is also a service partner to leading Insurance Companies, Banks, NBFC’s and Alternate Investment funds. To know more visit