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Unleashing the Digital Power to Distribution

Café Mutual’s IFA event (CIFA) 2019 was held with the theme ‘Lago Raho IFA Bhai’, aimed at advisors and distributors interested in practical ideas and deep insights to grow their business. The event witnessed a spectacular gathering on February 21st, 2019 at Taj Lands End, Mumbai. A galaxy of speakers comprising India’s best-regarded advisors, experts, MF industry’s most celebrated CIOs, and top CEOs covered a range of interesting and carefully hand-picked topics.

Mr. Anuj Kumar President and CEO of CAMS  delivered a power-packed presentation on the topic “Digital Power to Distribution”- to enunciate why embracing digital technology is not an option anymore and how a wide range of digital initiatives are readily available for distributors.

Digital technology is transforming everything we do and is deeply influencing every walk of our life, be it purchasing products, consuming services and making decisions. The digital megatrend has set its footprints across every industry like financial services, government, retail, transportation, education and more.

Today’s digital platforms are empowering entrepreneurs to accelerate innovation for their business with quick access to markets, finance and marketing using plug and play digital tools. Mr. Anuj Kumar said, “Digital is helping enterprises and entrepreneurs completely reset and redefine service benchmarks”. He also highlighted that data-on-digital influence in financial products is among the highest.

The recent BCG report highlights 70% of urban consumers use digital in purchasing financial products. This trend is predominant in the insurance sector witnessing an end-to-end digital adoption of these services. Additionally, the private banks and their branches in India are fast becoming digital compared to their western counterparts. Bank customers are self-managing their transactions and the branches ensure the deepening customer relationship through the digital route.

Why do Mutual Fund distributors need to exploit digital power?

CAMS data points to 42 lakh new investors added in MFs for 2018 and the lion’s share of it, i.e. 10 lakhs, was done only by IFAs compared to other distribution sources.

Here are a few interesting facts shared by Mr. Anuj Kumar for IFAs:

  • 60% from T 30 cities – investors seeking digital services
  • 60% SIP – needs to be serviced digitally to investors over the next 3-4-year period
  • 50% of new investors are millennials – delivering a digitally powered service is the only way
  • 77% via paper – not a scalable model, has cost implications and severely limits growth

Digital Power from RTAs and AMCs

CAMS, being one of the leading RTAs in the Mutual Fund industry, has leveraged its superior technology and launched innovative products for Distributors

  • An eKYC solution for customer on-boarding
  • Digital transaction submission and statements
  • Mailback services provide a vast array of digital reports and MIS

A sneak-peak on the features upcoming CAMS Distributor platform was also presented:

  • Investor on-boarding with eKYC
  • Seamless transaction initiation
  • Generate investor statements
  • Vast reports and insightful MIS
  • Dashboards to monitor the business trends
  • Revenue tracker

The session was concluded with two key takeaways:

  1. The power of digital is shaping lives and businesses. This is the reality and the new generation is indelibly influenced by this digital power.
  2.  It’s a great time for IFAs to formulate a strategy to enable digital transformation in lockstep with their existing processes.

Birla Sun Life Mutual fund launches Samriddhi and organizes exclusive investment conclave for corporate investors

India, with its thriving population and current status as an underpenetrated market for mutual funds, is now brimming with a huge base of customers looking at ways to channelize cash assets into investments. The time seems ripe to spread investor awareness like never before.

Birla Sun Life Mutual fund’s in-train magazine, Samriddhi is launched


Recently, Mr. N K Prasad, President and CEO, CAMS, launched Samriddhi, a first of its kind in-train magazine in Chennai. Available as a complimentary copy to the passengers on the Chennai-Mysuru-Chennai circuit of the Shatabdi express, this magazine, a brainchild of Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund, aims to spread financial awareness among its readers.

CAMS CEO speaks at Investment Conclave organized by Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund

Mr. N K Prasad was invited to be one of the key speakers at an exclusive event on “Investment Conclave : India in the post-demonetization era”, organized by Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund for corporate investors, at JW Marriott Hotel, Aerocity, New Delhi on 9th December 2016.

Speakers at the event comprised of officials from the top tiers of Birla Sun Life Mutual fund and CAMS, including –

  • Mr. Bhavdeep Bhatt, Head, Institutional Sales, Birla Sun Life Mutual fund
  • Mr. Maneesh Dangi, CO – CIO Fixed Income – Equity, Birla Sun Life Mutual fund
  • Mr. Mahesh Patil, CO – CIO Fixed Income – Debt, Birla Sun Life Mutual fund
  • Mr. Gautam Deo – North Head Institutional Sales
  • Mr. Tilak Raj Khanna, Asst. General Manager – Distributor Services, CAMS

At the event, Mr. N K Prasad and Mr. Tilak Raj Khanna, elaborated on ‘Technology and ease of doing investment’ while Mr. Mahesh Patil  and Mr. Maneesh Dangi addressed the gathering on Equity Market Outlook and Fixed Income Outlook, respectively.

CAMS GoCORP, a unique solution designed to meet the investment needs of corporate investors, was elaborated upon at the event, wherein the discussion touched upon the multiple advantages GoCORP brings to investors.


Corporate Mutual Fund Investments

GoCORP from CAMS, is a digital solution designed to empower institutional investors with the freedom to transact across multiple mutual funds serviced by CAMS through a single portal. Launched in July 2015, CAMS GoCORP has seen a steady enrollment from both large and mid-sized corporate houses across India.

The GoCORP portal allows corporate investors to transact across all participating CAMS serviced funds using single login with facilities to enable multiple maker and authorizer combination as approved by the board. GoCORP also addresses compliance & audit needs of corporate investors. To know more about the Transaction features, Reports/Transaction tracking and other conveniences that come with GoCorp, please click here.

About CAMS:

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Computer Age Management Services (CAMS) is India’s premier Mutual Fund Transfer Agency serving over 62% of assets of the industry across 15 Mutual Funds. Leveraging superior technology, CAMS brings several innovative services to Mutual Fund investors and distributors. CAMS is also a service partner to leading Insurance Companies, Banks, NBFCs and Alternate Investment Funds. To know more visit

The year that was 2016: CAMS perspective

2016 was a year that suffered no dearth of surprises. The year was marked by multiple instances of market unpredictability, what with Brexit, Fed rate hikes, surge in oil prices and strategic political events passing on in their stride. In the domestic premises, demonetization and GST did their parts to influence the proceedings of the Indian market.


Robust investment activity in MF in India

Mutual funds investors in India, however, surprised observers with a significant upsurge in participation, even as the rest of the world was reeling from the effect of the many events ringing with political and economic significance.

Industry data confirms that inflow of investments as high as 580 billion had been recorded in the period between January and November 2016. This information has rendered 2016 as the third consecutive year that has registered positive growth in terms of mutual funds in India.

One aspect of investment discipline, as observed among investors in India during this period, was adherence to a long-term investment strategy and a well-planned asset allocation practice that could be deployed even during times of tumult in the market.

Systematic Investment Plan or SIP, where the investor builds a portfolio through specific sums invested at regular intervals that may be monthly, quarterly or annually, was one investment avenue a vast majority of Indian investors had taken to in 2016.

The year saw a remarkable increase in retail investor participation through SIPs. Implementation of presence-less and paperless eKYC procedure was another factor that catalyzed robust investment activity in the mutual fund sector.

Mutual Fund SIP

The CAMS perspective

An integral part of the Indian Finance sector and a trusted service partner to 8 out of the top 10 AMCs in India, CAMS had retained its position as the market leader with a substantial market share of 62%.

The following inferences are based on data provided by CAMS Data Bureau Services – covering 92% of Mutual Fund Industry –

It is encouraging to note that investments from smaller towns had significantly increased in 2016. Nearly 2.19 million new SIP registrations made in the last year have been traced to the B15 regions in the country; T15 regions accounted for 2.65 million new SIPs. It is notable that the average ticket size had also increased during the said period.

Why investors prefer SIP

In general, SIP requires a fixed amount to be invested periodically. Clearly, this is a convenience to investors who are beginners and those who prefer to invest in small pockets.

Alternatively, step-up SIPs, as hosted by most of the CAMS-serviced funds, allows for ‘stepping up’ the amount to be invested, at set intervals.

Now, investing in SIPs has become a lot more easier for first-time investors, thanks to the state-of-the-art digital investment services hosted by and myCAMS. Investors can now set up new SIPs, view SIP status(es) and cancel SIPs in a matter of few minutes. The icing on the cake here is that no physical request is required for registrations done via myCAMS. For more information on investing through myCAMS, click here .

About CAMS:

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Computer Age Management Services (CAMS) is India’s premier Mutual Fund Transfer Agency serving over 62% of assets of the industry across 16 Mutual Funds. Leveraging superior technology, CAMS brings several innovative services to Mutual Fund investors and distributors. CAMS is also a service partner to leading Insurance Companies, Banks, NBFCs and Alternate Investment Funds. To know more visit






MF investments from smaller towns are on the rise – CAMS

SEBI initiatives for investor education and awareness programmes and launch of the district adoption programmes, designed to drive financial inclusion pertaining to mutual funds, seem to have finally paid off. Mutual funds are on the rise as a prime destination for small town investors in the country.

A recent article published in the Delhi and Chandigarh editions of The Tribune, covers the growing participation of investors from smaller towns among other significant trends that are driving the MF industry, as spoken by Mr. NK Prasad, President and CEO, CAMS to Girja Shankar Kaura.

N K Prasad

Excerpts from the article:

Computer Age Management Services Pvt Ltd (CAMS) has emerged as one of the major players in managing data for mutual funds, private equities, banks, NBFCs, insurance companies and even brokerages. NK Prasad, President and CEO, CAMS, talks about the industry.

Q. What is the main business of CAMS and how has it evolved over time? What are your key services?
A. CAMS is Mutual Fund Registrar and Transfer Agency (RTA) serving three key stakeholders viz. the mutual funds, investors and distributors. In our two decade plus journey with the Indian fund industry, we have contributed significantly to the growth of the category via investment in technology infrastructure, product/service innovations, investor outreach and customer touch points. We provide full range of services, excluding advisory, for investors of 15 asset management companies. We provide investor and distributors services through a national network of over 260 service centres and multi-locational call centers supported by a large centralised back office. Going beyond the traditional RTA role, we have built significant scale and specialisation and serve over two crore live investor accounts.

Q. What are the benefits of investment in mutual funds?
A. The mutual fund industry is relatively young and has emerged as a well-regulated, transparent and low-cost investment solution. It provides world-class service standards and the benefits of diversification, tax efficiency, superior risk adjusted and inflation beating returns. Mutual funds offer the benefits of a professional fund manager who is trained and experienced in generating returns superior to the benchmark. He has the knowledge and expertise to deploy strategies, determine the allocation for investments into sectors, specific securities and booking profits. Staying invested for at least 10 years in well-performing equity schemes have generated CAGR ranging between 15 and 20%. These are far superior returns when compared to other asset classes.

Q. How is the digital transformation impacting MF industry?
A. As with all financial products, mutual funds are also witnessing digital trends in many ways. New account opening with Aadhaar eKYC, online transaction through website, portals and mobile app are all on the rise. With the proliferation of smartphones and good connectivity, investors have anytime, anywhere access to MFs. Our data points to nearly 15% of transactions from digital channels such as websites and mobile apps. Mutual fund being a highly intermediated product, we have enabled interfaces for electronic transaction submission for distributors. CAMS has been in the forefront to provide digital conveniences and launched Aadhaar-based eKYC, myCAMS mobile app to access multiple funds and GoCORP for institutional investors.

Q. Which key trends are visible in MF industry?
A. We see all round positive trends in the past few years. Retail investors’ confidence is high and this has been witnessed in consistently high inflows in equity funds in the past two years from new and existing investors. Market movement-led redemption is contained which points to investors’ long-term goal. SIP is becoming the preferred route to enter MFs. At CAMS, we processed around 74 lakh SIPs in November 2016 as against 39 lakh two years ago. From a high concentration of assets in metro cities a couple of years ago, sustained investor education and awareness building are opening up Tier 2 and Tier 3 town investors. We see nearly 50% of new investors from these locations.

Q. How should investors benefit from MF investing?
A. Mutual funds offer the most versatile combination of product options and plans, investing options such as systematic plans, product innovations such as step up SIP, flexi SIP and superior tax efficiency. The choice of asset allocation in mutual funds can work for long-term wealth creation with equity funds and short-term investment through debt funds. Moving surplus funds from savings account to liquid funds even for a few days gives a better yield.

Investors can take advantage of Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), a disciplined way to build a long-term portfolio and manage volatility of equity markets and product features such as goal-based plans, systematic sweep etc. Dividend income and long-term capital gains are tax-free in equity schemes.

Q. What is the growth potential of industry and how is your company pursuing?
A. Indian mutual fund industry has seen a double-digit growth and has about 5.1 crore investors with Rs 16.8 trillion worth assets under management and has penetrated to over 260+ locations. While this may look significant in absolute numbers for a relatively new industry, as a percentage of GDP, it is very low at 8.4%. However, we are seeing visible shift in trend to financial assets which is a positive sign.

Article source:

About CAMS:

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Computer Age Management Services (CAMS) is India’s premier Mutual Fund Transfer Agency serving over 62% of assets of the industry across 16 Mutual Funds. Leveraging superior technology, CAMS brings several innovative services to Mutual Fund investors and distributors. CAMS is also a service partner to leading Insurance Companies, Banks, NBFCs and Alternate Investment Funds. To know more visit



CAMS CEO participates at CII Mutual Fund Roundtable 2016

We are witnessing a major turning point in the Indian history that is marked with significant regulatory breakthroughs that are significantly redefining the way BFSI domain operates in the country. Recent months bear testimony to the undeniable fact that mutual funds are on the rise as a prime destination for Indian investors, with special emphasis on growing participation from the B15 cities.

It is at such a significant juncture that the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) organized CII Mutual Fund Roundtable 2016 on Tuesday, 20 December 2016 at Mumbai.  The event saw the coming together of industry veterans, thought leaders and prominent officeholders from across BFSI sector.

Conceived to address significant topics for the asset management industry, the event saw CAMS CEO and President, Mr. NK Prasad, speaking on the many possibilities that lie ahead for investments in mutual funds.

N K Prasad

Elaborating on how the mutual fund industry has evolved over the years to arrive at where it stands now and on the many innovations that have emerged with the advent of smart digitalisation techniques. Mr. Prasad explained the current trends that are driving the industry that is thriving at this point. He also projected future possibilities and opportunities that will play a significant role in taking retail investor participation to a higher level.

The bigger picture

It is evident that investors from small towns are now sensitized to the importance and benefits of Wealth Management. They constantly seek constructive avenues to deploy their money usually through the likes of retirement plans or plans for their children’s education. With growing awareness on Mutual funds and how the schemes offer products to meet the diverse needs of the meticulously careful Indian savers, participation from B15 investors are expected to go up in the Mutual fund space.

It is noteworthy that CAMS as a pioneer in several paper-based and digital initiatives that support participation of investors in mutual funds, have also served to facilitate and encourage mutual fund investments from the B15 cities.

About CAMS:

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Computer Age Management Services (CAMS) is India’s premier Mutual Fund Transfer Agency serving over 62% of assets of the industry across 16 Mutual Funds. Leveraging superior technology, CAMS brings several innovative services to Mutual Fund investors and distributors. CAMS is also a service partner to leading Insurance Companies, Banks, NBFCs and Alternate Investment Funds. To know more visit


Weekly Roundup – December 10


CAMS brings you a weekly glimpse at the key happenings in the BFSI sector, in India and abroad. Regulatory updates or important news, here are some which might have had an impact on the sector.


OPEC and non-OPEC members are expected to arrive at a mutually agreeable consensus with respect to oil output cut, at the first of joint meetings to be held since 2001.

ECB cuts down on its asset buys in the wake of prevalent uncertainties and status of inflation. On the other hand, bond buying is projected to extend until the end of 2017.

The Chief Ministers’ Committee on Digital Payment Systems convene with the heads of banks and RBI officials to discuss strategies to transform the nation into a cashless economy.

RBI chooses to keep existing policy rates unchanged. In an act of balance, the central bank also establishes the removal of temporary CRR that was planned to take effect in December.


In a progressive move, SEBI and AMFI come together to evaluate the possibilities of investing in mutual funds through e-wallets.


Market regulator SEBI is on the road to make way for instant redemption of liquid mutual funds; regulations pertaining to the same are expected to be rolled out in April 2017.

rubber stamp with inscription INSURANCE
rubber stamp with inscription INSURANCE

Insurance (general) in India is expected to expand by 4 times the prevailing rate of growth, over the next decade, say experts.

About CAMS:CAMS Logo High Resolution

Computer Age Management Services (CAMS) is India’s premier Mutual Fund Transfer Agency serving over 62% of assets of the industry across 16 Mutual Funds. Leveraging superior technology, CAMS brings several innovative services to Mutual Fund investors and distributors. CAMS is also a service partner to leading Insurance Companies, Banks, NBFCs and Alternate Investment Funds. To know more visit